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128th Online Canton Fair

In the upcoming 128th Online Canton Fair, DADA would like to assist you in achieving your marketing goals by providing you with a Complete and Creative CIRCUIT BREAKER Solution.

DABF-63 RCBO obtained CE, CB certification with type test report

Thanks for efforts of our technical team. DABF-63 electromagnetic RCBO products have successfully obtained CE and CB certificates and CB Type Test Report;

127th online canton fair successfully completed

Shanghai Dada participated in the 127th Canton Fair in 2020

MEE 2020 March exhibition in Dubai

In this exhibition, Dada led the latest products and technologies and exhibited the new DAM3 series and the MCB NOVA series. We always wore masks during the exhibition and also welcomed many customers. Despite the outbreak of the epidemic in China, our courage to come out of the exhibition was also admired by customers.

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Moulded case circuit breaker ▏miniature circuit breaker ▏Shanghai DADA Electric

SHANGHAI DADA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is acknowledged as one of the most respected nationwide manufacturers low voltage CIRCUIT BREAKER in China. A wide range products cover miniature circuit breakers(MCB), residual current circuit breakers(RCCB),Residual Current Circuit Breakers With Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), moulded case circuit breakers(MCCB),AC Contactor, thermal overload relay,,Motor Protection Circuit Breaker,etc
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